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Doodled Jars

Perfect for storing office supplies, bathroom essentials, moonshine, whatever... I mean, who doesn't like fancy jars? • Posted by Cicada

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    Mason jars have a two-layer lid that comes apart so that you can put in your own label. If you can’t get hold of one, a normal jar will do. Wash the jar with dishsoap and water to degrease it, and let it dry. Try not to touch it afterwards with dirty fingers.

  2. To make a straight line, secure a rubber band around the jar and trace along the band with the paint pen.

  3. Carefully doodle on the jar and allow the paint to dry.

  4. Unscrew the lid and use a pencil to trace the lid on paper.

  5. Decorate this lid insert in a pattern that matches your jar pattern.

  6. Cut the circle from the paper, sandwich in the lid, and screw the top back on. *** Note: Marker is not foodsafe so don’t get any on the inside of the jar if you’re intending to use it for food.