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Time travel and scary bunnies. XD
I love the Donnie Darko Movies ...well, mostly 'Frank' the scary bunny. but yeah. lol

The first one I made recently. Its fanart of the "S.Darko" movie; the sequel to Donnie Darko. Its Frank and Samantha Darko (Donnies sister), and says "Everything Dies/ Go Back". I drew it after i watched the sequel for the 1st time. XD
The other one I did a few yrs ago. Its just Frank and says my favorite quote from the first movie "Every living creature on earth...dies alone".
Theyre both done in pen and ink well (the kind u dip in ink). And both are big 18'x24' drawing paper.

Yes, i know im crazy lol.

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Yazoo · 6 projects
omg, donnie darko is one of my all time favorite movies!! and your artwork is exceptional; no matter what your family say at home, don't let it down grade you and never listen to the "it's not going to get you anywhere" talk; we live this life once, and what is the point doing a job you will do most of your life that you hate? Happy anyways...good luck with your art <3
Lau5ren · 65 projects
I know I have not talked to you in a long time. But I wanted you to know. Actually, two things. First, I watched the second movie now Happy It was really good. IF you don't compare it to the first- Not as bad as I thought it would be though. "If you want to make me happy, buy me this dress." (it was SOMETHING like that) But then the second thing, I was reading the wikipedia and it said if the movies stay successful (which means there could still be more) they would make it into a show, which would completely ruin it. I say a protest. Just kidding, I'm to little to protest Happy (but old enough to watch Donnie Darko?) but just a little tid-bit of information I thought you might like. And I am still working on something like this. Slow and steady process Happy
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
wow guys! Thanks so much! Happy
It always makes me glad people like my art, since i dont get much support at home. So it makes me feel awesome! Thanks! <3

Im glad i inspired someone too. XD
Lau5ren · 65 projects
I think this is one of the most outstanding things I have ever seen. How fantastic. I have the second movie, but havn't watched it yet. I think this has to happen soon. Awesome drawing by the way, looks more fantastic then words Happy I might just have to make my own, thank you for the inspiration Happy
Andrea · Austin, Texas, US · 45 projects
I agree with you and Lorrie I Love DD but SD was a bit of a let down I thought
Lorrie Endemoniada DiGiulio
Lorrie Endemoniada DiGiulio · Kennebec, South Dakota, US · 9 projects
Fricking BADASS artwork!! I totally love the DD movies & especially Frank the Rabbit.
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
wow, thanks guys! ^_^

Yeah, the sequel wasnt as great. But Frank looked cooler. lol
+_+Lilmissscaresalot+_+ · Cincinnati, Ohio, US · 23 projects
I love it! Donnie Darko Is awesome Happy
Prinz3ssDoku · Lake Wales, Florida, US · 16 projects
brilliant work. i love donnie darko ^-^
jonesy · Cheshunt, England, GB · 58 projects
ha, forgot to say cool drawings aswell Tongue
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