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Sew an Infinity Scarf
I am a big fan of the quick and easy DIY infinity scarf. These are so simple to make and are a great addition to a neutral outfit.

Minimal sewing and no need for precise cuts- perfect!

When scoping out Dabble & Stitch this past weekend, I picked up this voile fabric. It is perfect for an infinity scarf as it is nearly transparent, light, and soft. Another option is jersey knit as it is also very soft, but I sometimes find it tends to be just a bit heavier and less transparent.

I also use the fabrics for my infinity scarves because they don't really require any hemming as the fray from the cuts gets visually absorbed into the scarf when it is wrapped (I always make mine long enough to do a double wrap).

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You Will Need

  • How to make a silk scarf. Diy Voile Infinity Scarf - Step 1
    Step 1

    You can make your scarf any length and width you desire, but I typically go with around 80 inches long and 9 inches wide (or around 1/4 yard). Sizes can be variable based on what you want it to look like.
    I typically get two 1/4 yard cuts at the fabric store. Depending on the length of the bolt, only one 1/4 yard cut may do. If the bolt is smaller, then you may need to add length to the first cut with your second cut.

  • How to make a silk scarf. Diy Voile Infinity Scarf - Step 2
    Step 2

    If you can get a longer 1/4 yard cut, then all you need to do is match up the two ends of your cut wrong side up on both sides, pin, and sew across. Turn your scarf right side out, double into 2 loops and check yourself out in the mirror. If you look like you are sufficating, then you probably need to add length. If it is too long, try triple looping it our taking length out.

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