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Valentine's day is over, but who said you can not keep making heart-shaped jewelry?
Learn how to make these charms with upcycled cereal boxes

Posted by CurlyMade from Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal • Published See CurlyMade's 30 projects »

  • Step 1

    1. First of all you will need to make a template, so all the hearts look the same.
    2. Trace the shapes onto the back of a cereal box, you will need at least 3 hearts to make each charm.
    3. Cut the shapes carefully and glue the 3 layers together.
    4. Punch a hole at the top
    5. Use red or pink nail polish to paint, you might need to paint two layers.
    6. Draw the heart beat with the permanent marker
    7. If you want to use the charm on a necklace, get your pliers and attach the chain. You can see one of the pictures bellow, that I also made a layered necklace version by adding another small black heart made with the same material.


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