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Diy Studded Phone Case

Stud up yo' phone! • Posted by thegluegungirl

I decided to stud up a cheap Blackberry case but this works for an iPhone too!

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I decided to stud up a cheap Blackberry case but this works for an iPhone too!


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    You'll need: 11mm pyramid studs A hard case for your model of phone UHU glue or similar ( I highly recommend UHU glue as it gives you time to work!) Small pair of pliers

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    Using your pliers, remove the metal tabs (the bits that would puncture through the fabric) from each side of the stud. Just wiggle it back and forth and it'll easily come off.

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    I suggest laying out your studs on your case to see how many you'll need and also this will give you a good idea of how far up and out to take the glue. Once you've done this, apply glue to the back of your phone case. The great thing about UHU glue is that it takes a good few hours to dry properly so you have loads of time to adjust the positions of the studs before they set in place.

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    Start sticking on your studs! If you are following the same design as me, make sure you stick them close together and get them straight.

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    Keep on layering up your studs and adjusting the spacing and straightness as needed.

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    Once you've applied all the studs, leave to dry for a good few hours. I did mine in the evening and left it over night. Once the glue is dried, the studs won't be going anywhere!

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    Stand back and admire your handy work!