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Create fun and unique belts with this DIY!
I've always had a hard time finding belts that fits me, and an even harder time finding a belt that felt expensive and looked unique.

These belts are a perfect fix to that dilemma. If the pearls and rhinestones are too much, you can just make them out of plain colored leather and fabrics. It would still look as fabulous while giving you shape to your garment.

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  • How to make a belt. DIY Simple Skinny Embellished Belts - Step 1
    Step 1

    1) Cut out a piece of leather that is 1½” wide. The length will be the measurement around your waist minus 5″.

    2) Mark the center of the leather. This would be around ¾” from the edge.

    3) Cut out a piece of fuse hem tape that is the length of the leather.

    4) If your hem fuse tape is wide like mine, go ahead and just cut it in half.

    5) Lay down a piece of hem tape as closely to the middle of the leather {where you drew in the middle line}.

    6) Fold in the edge of the leather to the middle.

    7) Lay down a piece of cotton on top of the folded leather, and gently iron it down.

    8) Repeat steps 5-7 on the other side of the leather.

    9) Glue down your pearls or rhinestones. You can keep it blank as well.

    10) {Optional} Sew down all of the embellishments on the belt.

    11) With the belt facing up, lay down a piece of elastic about 3″ long and sew.

    12) Open up the elastic and sew again on the edge of the elastic.

    13) Trim the elastic so that the stretch it will wrap around your back, fold in the raw edge and sew. Repeat steps 11-13 on the other side of the belt.

    14) Hand sew on one side of the hook/clasp.

    15) Hand sew on the other part of the closure.

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