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how to-sday . quick and easy diy photo booth
Wanna have the coolest party on the block? Easy - throw together a quick, easy, and free photo booth, and let your guests go wild!

I made this photo booth for my friend Dayna's surprise party this past weekend, and it was a massive hit with all our guests. The next door neighbors were having a party at the same time, and they all ended up coming over and taking pictures as well! This is a great way to give your guests a keepsake from your party, and it gets everybody talking and goofing off, instead of sitting on the couch awkwardly!

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  • Step 1

    Hang a white sheet or shower curtain on the wall your photo booth will be on. Tape or pin the top and sides so that the fabric is taut and doesn't have wrinkles.

  • Step 2

    Set up your digital camera on a tripod and align it so that the white backdrop is centered in the frame. Tape the floor where the tripod needs to be so that when it inevitably gets moved in the hustle and bustle of the party, you'll be able to put it right back. Now use a friend to figure out where people should stand to be in the center of the frame, and tape the outer boundaries of the frame on the floor so that people can stand in the middle of the tape.

  • How to make a photography. Diy Photo Booth - Step 3
    Step 3

    Get a basket or box of some sort, and fill it with goofy prop items, like funny glasses, a mustache on a stick, an empty picture frame, and crazy hats. Set it on a table within easy reach of the backdrop.

  • How to make a photography. Diy Photo Booth - Step 4
    Step 4

    Have your guests stand in front of the backdrop, and take turns taking pictures. You can set the self-timer on the camera as well to get the whole crew in the shot. You'll probably have to crop the pictures and possibly adjust the lighting as well in a photo editing program. I recommend the free Photoscape. As you can see in the above image, the top of the frame is above the backdrop, so I'll have to crop the top off.

  • How to make a photography. Diy Photo Booth - Step 5
    Step 5

    If you have a more advanced editing program like Adobe Photoshop, you can get a photo strip template, like the above freebie from Sugarplum Paperie. Just crop out a square section from your photos, and insert them into the template.

  • Step 6

    Finally, load all the images onto a free hosting site like Snapfish, and email the album link out to all your party guests!

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selien s.
selien s. · Les Bons Villers, Walloon Region, BE · 3 projects
Okay, i figured out you just open the picture of the photobooth thingie like any other picture in photoshop. I checked some tutorials on the internet and i should select the first picture area with the magic wand tool, right? Then add another layer, and while that layer is selected, add a cropped image into it, right? But that's where i got stuck, my picture doesn't show up completely, in contrary to what a tutorial told me

'Regardless of how large your photo image was, it will insert fully within the space defined by the marching ants that you selected earlier.'

Well, that doesn't happen. What am i doing wrong? Or what should i do?
selien s.
selien s. · Les Bons Villers, Walloon Region, BE · 3 projects
Hi, i was wondering if you could help me out.. I found the template for the photobooth frame on sugarplum paperie, but how do i install this into my photoshop (i'm no good with photoshop, sorry) This seems like a really cool idea, i can't wait to try them out at my party next week. Did you get actual prints of the photos as well?

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