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30 mins

Add your own personality into your stationary!
I had this pencil with was getting kinda old and ugly, so i jazzed it up! Hope you like it!

Posted by sabrina :) L. from Bangkok, Thailand • Published See sabrina :) L.'s 4 projects »
  • Step 1

    First, get your pencil or pen.

    :DECIDE: how are you gonna decorate it. Its gonna look even worse if you stop and restart half way through it. (I know i tried)

  • Step 2

    For mine, I used decorative tape and taped it around the pen/pencil.
    Then I added a finishing touch of a bow:)

  • Step 3

    Here are some other ways you can decorate your pen/pencil:

    A Pukka Pen, from the following website:

  • Step 4

    Bead Pen:

    1. Take the inside of the pen (the ink holding part) out and measure it.

    2. Find beads that you want

    3. Make SURE that the beads a little short than the whole pen holding thing

    4. Arrange it the way you what

    5.Hot glue the beads together

    6. Put it in the pen and screw on the cap

    7. Volia!

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