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dit ombre
Step 1. I used a half empty tub of la riche directions
hair dye in ebony I mixed in a bowl f warm water then placed
my shirt half way in the mix to acheive the ombre :) remember towear gloves!!!

Step2. I left the shirt for about two hours in the mix, washed repeatesly
Then I left to dry on some news paper in the garden as it was still dripping
Colures water from the wash.

Step 3. Wear your reworked ombre woth pride :) gunna try this with an old pink dye too

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  • Step 1

    Mix dye with warm water into a bowl

  • Step 2

    Put item half way to achieve the ombre look or tie with bands for a trippy tie die style. Leave for an hour or so. . .

  • Step 3

    Wash thoroughly! ! Leave to dry. Once dry . . . . Wear :)

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