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DIY hair bow with new design
What do hair flower clips mean to you? Are they necessities in your daily life? We are very excited to show you how you can DIY hair bow with new design in this tutorial.
Hair flower clips may be familiar to every girl. Even if you haven't worn them, you must see various styles of them from others or at stores. Why not try those amazing hair clips? This DIY hair bow with a unique flower shape will make you fall in love with hair flower clips because of its distinctive style and simple making method.


  • How to make a hair bow. Diy Hair Bow With New Design - Step 1
    Step 1

    Fold the lace
    Cut out felt in shape of sector with a flat end according to the size of the hair clip. Lay one end of lace at the top of the felt and secure with glue as the first layer. Fold the rest of lace in the opposite direction with covering the bottom of previous layer and leave a space for a bow. Cut out a strip of ribbon and fold both ends parallel to each other towards opposite way.

  • How to make a hair bow. Diy Hair Bow With New Design - Step 2
    Step 2

    Attach a bow
    Tie the middle of the ribbon to make a bow. Glue the hair clip at the backside of the felt and make sure the top end is in the same direction with lace. Glue a metal button in the middle of the bow.

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