Cut Out + Keep

Diy Glow In The Dark Nail Polish

Adorable, cheap, and easy way to create glow in the dark nail polish! • Posted by daisysong

You will need

Project Budget
Almost Nothing


0 h 10


Pretty Easy
Medium glow nails Medium no



  1. Crack your glow stick until it cannot crack anymore. Then, take the glow stick and cut the bottom and top with scissors. Each cut should be about a centimeter away from the tips of the stick.

  2. Quickly place the glow stick over the opened bottle of clear nail polish, and let the juices leak out until the glow stick is empty. If the juices aren't coming out of the glow stick well enough, you can blow on the top of it. Make sure the juices don't get on your lips though.

  3. Put on cap, Shake, and apply to nails!

  4. enjoy!