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Love West Elm Industrial Style But Can't Afford It? Learn how to Easily Make These Copper Curtain Rods For Under 9 Dollars!

Have you seen West Elm’s Industrial Curtain Rods? I’ve kind of fallen in love with them, but the price after exchange & shipping would kill my wallet. So I put my brain to work to create two of them ( in copper ) for under 20 dollars. Go grab a cup of coffee as we have a mini tutorial & video awaiting you!

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  • How to make a curtain/blinds. Diy Copper Curtain Rods - Step 1
    Step 1

    Above are the lovely West Elm’s take on the Industrial Curtain Rod. Thing is, I don’t really think they’re worth over 70+ US Dollars before taxes. Do you? In this blog, I’ll tell you how to get two of these rods, in your custom color & dimensions for under 20 dollars. If you’re doing the easy math, that’s less than 10 dollars a curtain rod! It’s fast, easy and the end results are pretty stunning.

  • How to make a curtain/blinds. Diy Copper Curtain Rods - Step 2
    Step 2


    1/2″ Copper Tubbing Cut to the length you need.
    2 Flanges per curtain rod
    2 Elbow tubbing per rod
    Spray Paint
    Screws To Hang
    2 Joining Adapter

    We cut our rod to 36″ In length as that’s what we needed, and with the same piece of 1/2″ copper tubbing we cut two 1″ pieces that is between the elbow and the screwed end. Make sense? If you cannot cut these pieces at home, you can have all the cuts made at your local hardware store. In this case, it was Home Depot. See our quick video on how everything fits perfectly together. Pretty self explanatory, but just in case.

  • How to make a curtain/blinds. Diy Copper Curtain Rods - Step 3
    Step 3

    This is what it will look like all put together, not spray painted yet. so grab your spray paint and spray. We like to do two coats. We used Rustoleum Hammered Spray Paint, In Copper. It matches our dresser pulls from this DIY of the boys dresser.

    ..And you’re done. The easiest and cheapest curtain rods ever! Check out our completed pictures – I love them, so fun for a kids room or a modern/mid century room!

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