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DIY Picture frames out of Cardboard
I made these frames out of cardboard

I cut four square pieces to make two picture frames, traced then cut out a square hole on one piece each for both frames.( to do that I poked a hole in the cardboard to stick my scissors through )

I then glued the piece with the hole to the pieces untouched,
leaving the top open (that's how you'll put the picture in)

I cut out a rectangle-like shape, skinny at the top, fatter at the bottom to glue to the back to prop it up.

and then painted the cardboard with Red and White Acrylic paint and a little of Black Nail polish (I didn't have a Black Acrylic)

I also had these wooden button-like things I got at Marshels that I glued on for decoration.

Sooooo. . .There you have it ^- ^
Two new picture frames

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