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Make your own bra out of a bandeau bra.
It's easy to make your own cage bra out of a bandeau top. With a simple easy step you have your own customized lingerie.

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  • Step 1

    The tricky part for this project is to get the straps right. I pinned the back like I wanted it to and put it on (careful! the pins can hurt!) and adjusted the front to the point where I thought that it looks nice. For the black bra there goes one strap from my left boob over my neck to the right boob. In the back there is one straight strap up from the neck down to the bra strap. Then I added two little straps on every side in the front to make a triangle.

    For the white bra, I took 2 long stripes of elastic bands and crossed them over in the back and added 2 additional small stripes to every side.

  • Step 2

    That was basically all. You just need to sew everywhere were pins are (duh!) and now look what I made: a rocker cage bra.

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