Diy Bracelet In Triple Colored Panama Hat Pattern

DIY bracelet in triple colored Panama hat pattern

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This DIY bracelet tutorial is going to demonstrate you a regular way to make beaded bracelets in 3-colored Panama hat pattern; as it is really simple to hand make, you will enjoy it!


You Will Need (3 things)

  • Nylon Thread
  • Glass Beads
  • Scissors

Steps (6 steps, 120 minutes)

  1. 1

    Materials and tools:

    1mm black nylon thread

    10mm black round glass beads

    8mm purple bicone glass beads



  2. 2

    Step 1: make top end

    1st, snip 5 strands of black nylon threads each measuring 1.5-2m;

    2nd, tie an overhand knot at one end and then make a pair of square knots below;

  3. 3

    Step 2: weave beads into web

    1st, add black bead onto center thread;

    2nd, use leftmost thread to tie half hitch under center black bead; handle the rightmost thread in the same way;

  4. 4

    3rd, add purple beads onto both sided threads;

    4th, similarly tie half hitches to secure the beads.

  5. 5

    Step 3: finish the beaded bracelet

    1st, repeat the above step to braid bracelet until it fits your wrist;

    2nd, tie a pair of square knots to end the bradding;

    3rd, overlap the reaming threads and pick another piece of thread to tie a few of square knots as closure.

  6. 6

    Cut off extra threads with leaving one at each side, so the finalized beaded bracelet is like this:

    Out tutorial of DIY bracelet is finished here! When making beaded bracelets, you will be reminded of a moving story, named charlotte’s web, which has been adapted into a nice movie; don’t you think this kind of bracelets is rather suitable for the movie?