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Fort Hood, Texas, US
Apron And Wrist Cuff Set
Love Bite Zombies
Cupcake Stand
Ouija Board Tin
So awsome, i love it

Okay okay so i got really bored today and did some cleaning and found my hubby's old fisherman's knife that he never uses. I decoupage the blade with an atlas map of europe, and wrapped it with some really neat celestial pattern ribbon and tied it off with a mood ring. I am really proud of this. :D

Harley Quinn Mallet

Harley Quinn Mallet

Whatcha Got There Puddin'?

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Iron Man Arc Reactor

Iron Man Arc Reactor

the best arc reactor you can make

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Steampunk Gun

Steampunk Gun


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Steampunk Plasma Ball Gun Mod

Steampunk Plasma Ball Gun Mod

Her name is Vera

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Eternal Sailor Moon Transformation Brooch

Eternal Sailor Moon Transformation Brooch

Moon Eternal Make Up!!!!

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Athena's Shield

Athena's Shield

Make a shield that barely costs you anything and looks so much more authentic than anything bought in a store:)

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RAWRZ · Detroit, Michigan, US · 20 projects
Wow thats really cute. I wanna try that now but my brother is too attached to his knifes to allow it >~< lol Hm.. maybe I'll make one out of Paper Mache. lol
Penny F.
Penny F. · North Bay, Ontario, CA · 19 projects
or you can get any of the plastic halloween knifes you can find at the stores and possibly do this to one of them! Happy
Sugarlishes · Fort Hood, Texas, US · 136 projects
ya, either at those silly jewlery places in the mall or my favorite place to find crafty stuff FLEA MARKETS! WOOT! or try ebay..they might have some in bulk for cheap....i love ebay.....OMG I MUST EBAY NOW **SCREAMS IN HYPERNESS-EXCITEMENT** ^.^
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1369 projects
Oh, I just noticed that you added a mood ring to it. If you were using it in battle, your enemies could tell how bad a mood you were in. I really want a mood ring now, any idea where to get one?
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1369 projects
It's very pretty and like something out of Kill Bill.

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