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Dinosaur Hama Bead Coaster! :D

cute dino coasters! • Posted by Rosita

I made theese for a friend of mine who loves dinosaurs. You could use theese as coasters, decorations or table placement settings :)

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I made theese for a friend of mine who loves dinosaurs. You could use theese as coasters, decorations or table placement settings :)


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    You'll need; Perler/hama beads (or perhaps you refer to them as nabbi pearls, that works too ;) ) Pegboard...a pair of tweezers if you want.

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    First I made the outlining. Sometimes I start in a corner and work my way through it all, but this is easier for this craft.

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    Then I made all of the clouds. Now you're finished with the white pearls, besides from the two white ones that goes on the eyes.

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    Then I make the black outlining of the dino!

  5. Small foto 0376 1246099638

    Fill up the lines with the color of choise. I made a darker outlining on mine.

  6. Small foto 0377 1246099651

    Then you just fill it up with the sky-blue and the dino's color :)

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    Bring out your iron and some ironing paper / baking sheet paper. Iron goes on medium - high, but do try the medium heat first so that you wont melt it totally at first try!

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    Cover your dino!

  9. Small foto 0382 1246099708

    Iron away!

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    Now it should be melted together. You can choose for yourself just about how melted you'd like it to be. LET IT REST FOR A COUPLE OF SECONDS!

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    Then CAREFULLY pull it of the peg board and flip it so that the ironed side is facing downwards.

  12. Small foto 0385 1246099751

    Then cover the un-ironed side with paper...

  13. Small foto 0386 1246099761

    ...and iron that side as well! When you're finished, be QUICK and...

  14. Small foto 0387 1246099768

    ...put some weight on the perler creation! If you don't do this quickly your creation will bend and get tilted. Now, you don't want that, right? Let it rest for a couple of minutes.

  15. Small foto 0389 1246099796

    Here we have some of the coasters I made! The green one is my fav. but you can't really see it unless you click the image :D

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    Ready to use as coasters! :D

  17. Small foto 0392 1246099815


  18. Small dino 1246101299

    Here you can see them more clearly! Go to my website at for more pics and other works :D (you can see enlarged pictures there where it's easier to count the number of pearls for the project.)