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Summer denim shorts from skinny jeans
I wanted a pair of shorts for next summer and having a pair of skinny Jeans which I did not want I decided to 'cut them short'. Often others either cut them off and leave ragged edges or turn up on the outside to make shorts. I thought I would turn them up on the inside, although this would be a little more complex and require hemming. I sew by hand but it would be quicker to use a sewing machine (which I do not have). The instructions I give are fairly basic as I made these a couple of months ago and don't remember the fine details. Time given is an estimate but may well be less if machine sewing is used.

Posted by Tracy J. from Lincoln, England, United Kingdom • Published See Tracy J.'s 5 projects »

  • Step 1

    While wearing the jeans mark a line all round at the length required for the shorts. It would be easier if a friend helps with this, although it is possible to do without.

  • Step 2

    Mark a further line below the previous line to include the hem. I used a double folded hem so the fabric needed to be twice the width of the hem between the lines.Cut the material a bit below this line initially then try on with the leg turned up internally to your first line, verifying that all measurements have been taken correctly and all is good (it is not possible to go back after cutting if you made a mistake in initial measurements so this step may best be done with a friend in attendance – it is less likely something may be overlooked). After this cut the material to your final shorts plus hem allowance line.

  • Step 3

    Pin / tack the hem (using a cotton color different to that of final stitching so this stitching can be easily identified and removed once the hem has been sewn).

  • Step 4

    Stitch the hem.

    I stitched using a similar technique to that I used on my Cropped Sports Top project (twin needle - this appears like two rows of parallel stitches, as in the photograph, on the outside and crossed stitches on the inside. With these shorts I used a slightly simpler technique with one needle which shows as zigzag stitches on the inside).

    This was for two reasons -
    a: The stitches needed to be able to stretch because of the material used (contains elastine).
    b: The finished stitches fit with the pattern of the existing stitch work. For this reason the color of cotton used was to match.

  • Step 5

    Remove the tacking stitches and you are done!

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