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Turn a boring wall into a conversation piece with pages from a book.

My decoupaged wall is one of the most talked about things in my house. It's tucked away in our guest bathroom. Everyone that visits comes out of the room for the first time with a huge smile on his or her face. The first question is always "did you do that yourself?" The second, "was it easy?"

I used two paperback copies of The Hobbit for my wall. I collect JRR Tolkien books and had about 12 different copies at the time. The two I used had damaged covers and the pages were already falling out, which is what originally inspired the project.

WARNING: This is a permanent application. Do not use this technique unless you are absolutely sure you want a permanent change.

Variations: Use maps, picture or art books, newspapers or letters


  • Step 1

    Read the label on the protective finish you've chosen. Follow all the warnings about proper ventilation and handling... I don't want you passing out while you're decoupaging!

  • Step 2

    protect floor, baseboards, etc, with newspaper or drop cloth and masking tape

  • Step 3

    gently remove the cover of book

  • Step 4

    peel apart the individual pages (this works best with paperback books and books that have been glued to their spine)

  • Step 5

    tape a large piece of parchment paper to the cardboard

  • Step 6

    wearing the latex gloves, put place several book pages on the parchment paper

  • Step 7

    using the paintbrush, cover each with Polycrylic

  • Step 8

    Start applying pages to the wall. For a neat effect, line pages up side by side, or overlap and vary (as shown) for a more staggered effect

  • Step 9

    "cut in" by placing pages side by side or slightly overlapping to frame your wall then working your way in

  • Step 10

    Use the brush to smooth out any air bubbles. You only have a minute or so to work with each page, so make sure you're happy with it before moving on

  • Step 11

    allow pages to dry and then apply another coat of Polycrylic over the wall

  • Step 12

    Use mineral oil and rags for clean up. Be sure to follow all manufacturer's safety instructions

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Nex N.
Nex N.
Wonderful! I wish I could do this on coridor to the library. Must have some discussion about it. Happy
LovelyJaileen · 8 projects
wow this is a wonderful idea!!!
aww i wish i can do this!! my parents would kill me if i did this to my bedroom walls!!
ugh i cant wait till i get my own house!!!!
ofenjen (aka sewhookedjen)
ofenjen (aka sewhookedjen) · Austin, Texas, US · 75 projects
Oh, I love the idea of cd inserts and sleeves! Can't wait to see that...
Sally S.
Sally S.
I've been saving CD inserts/sleeves forever, and now I know what to do with them!
ofenjen (aka sewhookedjen)
ofenjen (aka sewhookedjen) · Austin, Texas, US · 75 projects
If you use the Polycrylic, it pretty much turns the surface to plastic. I don't have steam issues with that bathroom, but I have had to wash down the wall a few times and it's completely water repellent!
i love this idea and the application of it! i'm thinking about doing it in my bathroom, but had a question. does your bathroom also have a shower? mine does, and i'm worried about the decoupage with the moisture and steam it will be subjected to. any advice? thanks for sharing Happy
ofenjen (aka sewhookedjen)
ofenjen (aka sewhookedjen) · Austin, Texas, US · 75 projects
Oh, I bet the comic book pages are stunning! I hope you get to do your own.
Tiamin · Melbourne, Victoria, AU
This is very cool (as everyone else has mentioned). There's a cafe near me where their toilet cubicles are wallpapered in much the same way... except with really vibrant 70s comic book pages. I've wanted to do it in my own room for such a long time, even just on one wall... now you've given me some great tips as to how it's done! Cheers!
Kat · Kitchener, Ontario, CA · 12 projects
I think this is completely rad.
I wish I had the wall space to do it.
ofenjen (aka sewhookedjen)
ofenjen (aka sewhookedjen) · Austin, Texas, US · 75 projects
I did the same thing growing up. I've always love covering walls and even ceilings with stuff. I guess it makes sense it would eventually be permanent.
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