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you wont have to worry about watering these!:D
ive had thes pots for a long time and when i saw the tutorial, i decided to finally get around doing something with them since i didnt want to put real flowers. and i really like the out come:D i just want to cover up the pipe cleaners with that green tape(dunno what its called)and for some reason, i couldnt put the pictures in with the steps but they're up there(:

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  • Step 1

    get you're supplies! you can use any size of pot(s) for these, just make flowers bigger. i bought my little pots at dollar tree.

  • Step 2

    i used the turorial here to make these flowers, but i also found another way to do it, but this method worked best for smaller flowers.


  • Step 3

    i used a blade to cut out a grass design from foam and used hot glue to glues it on. felt would work well too , but it's harder to use a blade with felt. but honestly think it would look better

  • Step 4

    i couldnt wait any longer so i didnt buy that green spongy thing that they use to keep flowers in place( dunno what it's called), so insted i used a piece of styrofoam from a package. and colored the top green so it could atleast blend somewhat.

  • Step 5

    stick your flowers onto the styrofoam. (i had to stick a whole with the scissors first.)

  • Step 6

    i made"grass" out of green paper to cover up the ugly styrofoam.
    cut (a lot of)thin strips about an inch long, and fold like acordians.

  • Step 7

    place grass on top, and you're done:D! put anywhere:D i did this over a period of 3 days. i put 3 hours because i spent about an hour those days doing it.(i work slow)
    what took long was cutting out the foam grass and making the paper strips into accordians:P the flowers were simple(:

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Margot · Nederland, Colorado, US · 16 projects
Nice! I want to make this too!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
very adorable and cute, well done, like this!

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