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Stylish Storage for almost nothing!
I made this jam jar to keep jewellery in - but you could store anything from buttons to stamps in it.

I first bought a jar from a farm shop (mine cost 47p including the lid - bargain!) but I'm sure you can find one around the house. If this is the case, and it's had jam inside, then make sure you wash it out thoroughly because you don't want it to smell! Then carefully cut out a square from your favourite fabric, sometimes using a ruler helps. Now put your items inside the jar and close the lid. Next, place the fabric carefully on top of the jar and secure it with a hair band. Gently pull out the fabric from the sides to make it even. If you want you could skip the hair band and just use ribbon but I find that it works best this way because otherwise it's more likely that the fabric will pop off. Finally, cover up the hair band with a lovely piece of ribbon tied in a bow. And hey presto you've got your very own Decorative Jam Jar!

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