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The easy way!
Bad handwriting? No drawing skills? No problem!

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  • How to sew a baby onesie. Decorated Onisé - Step 1
    Step 1

    First Get a print of what you want.
    There many free fonts and websites that will let you use their images for free as long as it's not for lucrative purposes.

  • How to sew a baby onesie. Decorated Onisé - Step 2
    Step 2

    Cut the image/text
    and use a mold to write on the plate, and then cut the plate to use a mold.

    ****you can skip this by:
    1. print on acetate or photographic paper.
    2. Write directly on the plate

  • How to sew a baby onesie. Decorated Onisé - Step 3
    Step 3

    Put the mold on place and use tape to keep it in place.

    Cut the holes of the o's, p's, d's... on a piece of tape.
    What I do is place a small piece of tape on the paper letter and draw the inner circle with a pen/pencil, then put another small piece of tape on top of it and peel is carefully, it will keep the mark so you can cut around it and won't ruin the papper in case you need to do it more than once.

    Important note. Place a plastic bag, or another cloth or cardboard between the layer to paint and the back :D

  • Step 4

    When Everything is on place put some pain on the sponge (or fabric) and apply it with touches small touches all over.
    Don't brush or move the sponge on the fabric because then the clothes with move and ruin the image.

  • How to sew a baby onesie. Decorated Onisé - Step 5
    Step 5

    Wait until it dries and take the tape and the plate away.
    You can use a thin brush or fabric marker to fix small imperfections on the letters once it's done.
    It should be ready to wash in 24hrs but I always wait 72... just in case.
    Wash and enjoy!

  • Step 6

    Remember you can use any number of colors as you wish. ^_^

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Steph. · Reading, England, GB · 212 projects
HAHAHA that#s brilliant!! I showed my sister and brother that, they're still laughing Happy

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