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Based on Decorate Your Outlet Covers by DIS.AR.RAY
I took my time on this because im kind of a perfectionist and thats why it took 2 hours! :)
but anyways! I just took off the light switch case, brushed some glue on a little section then placed some ripped up paper scraps on it and brushed glue over it one more time. I only did about 3/4 of it then let it dry and once it was dry i did the other 1/4, waited for it to dry and then i used a razor to cut out the hole for the actual switch. you can also put some tape over it if you want, what that will do is make it shiny! So after all that i put it back up on the wall!! :)
You can do this with magazines, newspaper, books, pictures, really any kind of paper, but you can add some effects to it as well. you can burn the edges of around it, highlight words, write on the scraps. You can really get creative with this!! :)

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