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How to make the Deathly Hollows necklace- OR ANY OTHER KIND! c:
Okay, so these were incredibly easy to make! I personally am not a big fan of HP, but many of my friends are, so these turned out to be great little christmas gifts! They look really nice and storebought hehe c:< STEPS: in the steps there is A LOT of typing, you don't need to read all of it c: you can skim, there's just so much because a lot of the steps for the finished product are OPTIONAL.
enjoy <3

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You Will Need

  • Step 1

    (Please excuse the lack of pictures- the concept is very simple though. You can use the top picture to help you if needed.)
    First, use a clay or anything similar that dries quick (or can be baked) I personally used Play-doh c: Take the cap of a waterbottle/milk jug (any top lid; this will be the size of the necklace, so the bigger the circle- the bigger the necklace) press the play-doh/clay into the shape of the top, make as many as you want.

  • Step 2

    Now, while the clay is still soft, use something to make a hole at one end of the circle (this will become your top and where you feed your chain link) The chain link is optional though- it all depends on what you want to use as the necklace part. if you want to use just scrap string or embroidery floss that's fine and just make sure the hole is big enough for it to feed through, I like to use chain links (cheap at walmart for a pack) and then feed the string because it looks for professional...well, as professional as play-doh and a string can get c:

  • Step 3

    Now grab any marker of your choice (Preferably smudge proof, but I used crayola: i like to be as simple as possible haha) Draw the symbol!

  • Step 4

    Once the symbol is dry- coat the piece in a clear nailpolish varnish. Once that is dry, either feed your string through or your chainlink (whichever you chose) and enjoy!!!!
    (P.S.!!!!!!!!! you don't even have to make this the Deathly Hollows symbol necklace, you can use this method or ANY kind of necklace!!! Have fun!)

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