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my first domino pendant!
i made this one out of random paper crafting items and paint for a swap, this was my first one and i think it turned out great!

Posted by Destiney Y. from Green River, Utah, United States • Published See Destiney Y.'s 36 projects »

  • Step 1

    first you start out with a random lonely domino. then you paint it froun and back let dry and add another coat for good measure!

    if your going to glue ribbon to all your sides like i did don't paint them or your glue and ribbon will just peel off and make u scream!

  • Step 2

    next you take your desired image that you want and glue it down. i just used regular tape runner glue for scrapbooking because i sealed it so it only had to stick well enough to be sealed.

  • Step 3

    then you want to take your sealer i used hod podge and coat the front and back a few times and let dry.

  • Step 4

    now you can put a ummmmm my bain just shut down one of those jewelry things you put beads on the pin looking ones with the loop at the end hahaha i can't think of the name.

    i don't have a drill so instead i took some heavy duty ribbon and glued it around all the edges. i started at the top leaving about 2 in extra on the end to tie into a bow. and then down the sides and then across the bottom. and back up the other side. then i glues down the top i put a bit of finding with links at both ends in the center linking the ribbon on both sides threw the finding like an X and then glued the ribbon down and tied a bow to hide and the gluing. use a real good glue like e6000 glue. since this will literally be holding all the weight.

    i covered the bottom with furry type ribbon stuff. then i took a bit6 of fuzzy string and ran it around the edge to hide the glue that ozzed out!

  • Step 5

    then i put a jump ring threw some of the open fibers on the furry ribbon and linked my charm onto it and put some glue between the top of the ring and the domino just for structure. then add a jump ring to your finding piece and put on a chain and look hot!

    i know you can't see the bottom real well but there's hanging "fur" and a small bird charm at the bottom

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Very cute!

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