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Nightmare wings fit for a Queen
I modified these wings for a Halloween party a few years ago. I went as Queen Mab and my sister went a Titania. I don’t think anyone got the literary references but we had fun anyway!
I bought the wings from a shop in Camden (London), but I’ve also seen them available online and in some fancy dress shops.


  • Step 1

    Apply PVA glue to the edges and sprinkle on glitter, or use glitter glue.

  • Step 2

    Arrange leaf skeletons then stick down using blobs of PVA glue (spray on mounting glue would have probably been better though).
    You can buy leaf skeletons from shops that sell paper craft or scrapbooking materials.

  • Step 3

    Allow glue to dry completely (you may want to leave it overnight)

  • Step 4

    Then sew on black feathers and small paper roses. Most craft shops will sell these, as well as places that sell stuff for weddings.
    This bit took ages! Hence why I never completely finished them (I have long hair so I wore it down to cover the unfinished bit!).

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