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Perfect balance of sweet and salty!
My favorite ice cream flavor of all time is Baskin Robin’s chocolate peanut butter. My mom and I would always get it when we went out for ice cream. It’s so rich and the chunks of peanut butter were always mind blowing! So, as a healthier recreation of my favorite, we have this! It was a little stubborn to get out of the container. I was dumb and put it into a metal loaf pan (to be pretty, of course), but you can’t microwave a metal container to make it easier to scoop. You have to put it in a toaster oven! Trust me when I say that we did this a few times…every time we were impatient and wanted some of this really bad. Other than the container malfunction, it was great…perfectly tart, rich, and delicious.

Posted by Caroline E. from Columbia, South Carolina, United States • Published See Caroline E.'s 7 projects »
  • Step 1

    In a bowl, combine the yogurt, sugar, vanilla, and cocoa powder. Refrigerate for at least one hour.

  • Step 2

    Churn according to your ice cream maker’s instructions (I use the Kitchen-Aid attachment). In the last few minutes of churning, add in the chocolate chunks. Pour the frozen yogurt into a freezer safe container. Drop the peanut butter on the frozen yogurt. Carefully and barely mix in the peanut butter, so that there will be chunks. Freeze until ready to serve.



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