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Banish those pesky flakes for good!
Banish this embarrassing problem!

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  • How to make a hair mask. Dandruff Be Gone ! - Step 1
    Step 1

    Alright so you have a big date tonight
    Make-up? Check.

    Cute little black dress that makes your butt look JUST right? Check.

    Cute heels? Check.

    Hair? UH-OH! You look like there's been a SNOW storm on your head! CRAP! What to do what to do !?

  • How to make a hair mask. Dandruff Be Gone ! - Step 2
    Step 2



    I'm here :)
    (not homer, me. )

  • How to make a hair mask. Dandruff Be Gone ! - Step 3
    Step 3

    So what's a gal to do you ask?

    Go to the kitchen, and grab yourself some extra virgin olive oil

    While you're in there grab some coconut oil too!

    If you have a local indian/pakistani shop they should have coconut oil in stock. Also, try and get organic oils, it's just better.

  • Step 4

    Now the amount really just depends on how much hair you have,
    for me i just eyeball it
    i use equal parts of both oils
    and put it in a GLASS bowl ( no plastic people! you're asking for cancer!)

    Now where was i?
    oh right. MIX!

  • How to make a hair mask. Dandruff Be Gone ! - Step 5
    Step 5

    Alright all mixed? Good.
    How about we warm it up & pop it in the microwave for about 15 seconds?

    You want the oil reasonably warm.

  • How to make a hair mask. Dandruff Be Gone ! - Step 6
    Step 6

    Take the oil concoction out of the microwave

    WATCh OUT! I know how eager you are to get the flakes out of your head, but please dont burn your head while you're at it! Test how hot the oil is before putting it on your head.

    Massage it into your scalp. Really massage. Like work that stuff into your head

  • How to make a hair mask. Dandruff Be Gone ! - Step 7
    Step 7

    All massaged? COOL.
    Now let's play a little waiting game.

    I usually leave this mixture on over night, but 30 mins to an hour is just fine.

    While your waiting why dontchu paint your toe nails?
    Feed the fish.
    Call your mom.
    The list is endless & you get the point, just DO SOMETHING to pass the time :)

  • How to make a hair mask. Dandruff Be Gone ! - Step 8
    Step 8

    OHH geez, where DOES the time go?
    :) Now I've been putting oil in my hair since i was a kid, so i when you wash it off, shampooing it twice usually does the trick
    I dont condition my hair at all after this because my hair is pretty soft & shiny afterwards

  • Step 9

    BAM. :)

    how you like me now? Your hair should be soft, shiny & oh right, DANDRUFF FREE!

    Go ahead, do a little dance, i'll wait.

    < few hockey-pockeys later...>

    All done are we? Now, to get the best results do this treatment twice a week. I recommend doing it at night, just because you can show off your fab hair in the morning.

  • How to make a hair mask. Dandruff Be Gone ! - Step 10
    Step 10

    Let's all NOT end up like Robert P.

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lol i think i love you xD this is like the best 'how to' ever-just your words and how you sida stuff xD
Midori~ K.
Midori~ K. · 5 projects
When you leave it overnight do you have to use a shower cap or something .___.?
Senevilla · 10 projects
These are so funny! I think all how-tos should be this funny, and as well desribed! I have always used plan olive oil, sense we don't have coconut oil anywhere around here. (Maybe we do and I just havn't found it yet, lol)
Zombie D.
Zombie D. · 10 projects
Omg, I just love your tutorials! Really funny!
Anastasia · Sydney, New South Wales, AU · 13 projects
lol funny tutorial. (: thanks !
Dorine C.
Dorine C. · Cardiff, Wales, GB · 3 projects
Funny tutorial, thanks for the tip!
ivy:3 B.
ivy:3 B. · 1 project
haha it was funny:3
Lovette'sz-xoxo · 15 projects
EVOO is like the holy grail for your hair
It keeps it strong
It is a deep conditioner (which softens your mane)
your thirsty hair will soak this stuff up and when you wash off, it'll healthier, shiner and oh-so-strong
Eileen G.
Eileen G. · Singapore, SG · 16 projects
Love your funny tutorial!Btw,does EVOO helps to keep the hair soft & shiny too?
Chudames · Bellingham, Washington, US · 112 projects
I lol'd XD Great tutorial!
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