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A delightful way to showcase your budding ballerina
This can be as fancy as you want. The decorative paperclip is attached so the photo can be changed as your dancer grows.

Cover the canvas with the tissue paper using the Mod Podge. An extra coat or two of Mod Podge on the top will make it stay securely. Let it dry.

After it dries, it's time to decorate. Definitely layout your pieces before you start applying anything, it's really easy to get carried away and put yourself in a space pinch. Use the Mod Podge or hot glue to put everything in place.

The paperclip is best attached with wire or thread run through the canvas - that way it makes it easier to change the picture as needed.

To attach the tulle skirt, fold it acordian style down to 6 inches x 18 inches. Starting at the center of bottom edge of the canvas, hot glue the center of the long edge. Hot glue each end to the edges of the canvas. Making small pleats, continue to glue the tulle until it is completely attached to the bottom edge of the canvas.

Attach the ribbon hangers using hot glue, lining up with hooks on the hanger. Make two bows with the ribbon and attach it onto the front of the canvas.

Put the photo in the paperclip and display!

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