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Dali Style Melting Clock

Dali Style Melted Record Clock • Posted by Ryan B.

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    I heard about this project a few months ago and had to try it for myself. First you need to find a record. Luckily I have a old storage building full of them. But, for the most part you can find them at a thrift store or a garage sell for less than $1. What you really need to make sure of is that label in the center is in decent shape... or not if thats the look you're going for. This will be the main focus of the clock.

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    Once you have your record picked out you are going to want to pop it in the oven. It doesn't need a pan to go on or anything just pop it right in. You will want the oven preheated for 220F/100C . Leave the record in there for a few minutes, you will see it starting to disform and droop. This is a good thing. Don't leave it in there for more than 10 min. You can reheat the record as many times as needed even after it has cooled off to get the desired look that you want.

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    While the record in cooking away you will want to find a flat level surface with a straight edge. This is where you will hand the record. Once the record is ready to come out of the oven you will want to grab the record and RUN to your flat surface. (really run, the record will harden quickly.) Make sure the label is aligned to your satisfaction and then flatten out the top of the record thats on the table top. You can try and shape the record if you'd like, but I think it looks neater when he's got it's own weird funky curves. If your record messes up then just throw it back into the oven. I did mine about 7 times before I got it to look like this.

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    Next you'll want to either dismantle a clock or if you live near a crafts store like I do they have small clock kits for usually less than $5. I went to Hobby Lobby, but I have heard Michaels and Ikea have them as well. You can also go to they have a wide variety of clock hands and movements for cheap. Just go ahead and disguard the second hand. It makes too much noise and is just a hassle.

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    Use some hot glue or other adhesive you prefer and glue the movement to the record. The hole in the middle is plenty big enough for the movement to poke through. For an extra detail, be sure to center it.

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    Next you will attach the hands. You may want to trim them if they are too long.

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    Lastly you will want to drill a hole in the horizontal part of the clock to accommodate a nail.

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    Now you can hang the clock on a mantle or a bookshelf. The trick is to find a place that has enough room for the clock movement. and once you do, be sure to nail the clock down so that it doesn't fall off. Hope you enjoy! :-)