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Cute Notebook Covers Tutorial
Not only can notebook cover make the notebook more endurable but also it plays a very good adornment effect. This is reason why we decide to make cute book covers.

DIY cute book covers and decorate your notebook with attractive patterns. Will it inspire you to do note taking every day? If so, why not learn to DIY your own notebook cover and record what is happening around you in it?


  • How to make a fabric book cover. Cute Notebook Covers Tutorial - Step 1
    Step 1

    Select three colors of fabric you like; here is pink plaid, blue dot and white cotton. Take out one of your notebooks. Measure the length of your notebook; trace the fabric template 5cm longer each side than the measurement by combining the three pieces together; leave another 2cm space for seam allowance at tour sides; cut out a piece of lining with pink plaid. Embroider a cute pattern on the white piece (a cute rabbit is given below).

  • How to make a fabric book cover. Cute Notebook Covers Tutorial - Step 2
    Step 2

    Seam the notebook cover
    Seam the edges of the outside fabric and its lining with right side faced; leave a small opening. Turn inside pattern out; sew the small opening. Fold the redundant 5cm at two sides inwards; note the embroider pattern should be still on the right side; put the notebook inside the cover; sew the folded sides; respectively insert the first and the last page into the folded fabric.

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