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Cute Little House

Mini Cuteness! • Posted by LollyLabbit

This is really fun to make :)

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This is really fun to make :)


  1. Small 003

    Cut out pattern pieces from cardboard (I used the thin kind). Place "side"s, "back", and "front" separately onto your choice of paper. Glue. Snip corners to make for easy glueing later.

  2. Small 010

    Glue tabs of pieces onto "bottom" piece. Fold and glue in "back" and "front" tabs, as shown.

  3. Small 011

    Glue "side" tabs to "back" and "front", creating your 3D base.

  4. Small 012

    This is what it should look like.

  5. Small 013

    Glue "roof back" to "back" piece; this will be the back of your house's roof.

  6. Small 014

    Glue "front1" and "front4" to the front sides of the house.

  7. Small 015

    Glue "front2" and "front3" to the front part of your house. Use tape to hold the pieces together temporarily.

  8. Small 016

    Draw your door and windows as desired. Cut with a knife.

  9. Small 001