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A cute little doll that can be anything you want!
WOW, this is old. I made it the summer after my freshman year of high school....4 years ago now!!!
I used this amazing tutorial (but tweaked it a bit): http://dollmaker.nunodoll.com/nekomimi/

She is naked because the friend I made this for also sews, and wanted to make the cloths herself. Her body is hand-dyed (by me :o) jersey knit covering some strong muslin. She's very bendable, durable, and huggable <3

I painted her face with acrylics, and the hair is those cheap hair extension ponytails you can buy at the dollar store :)

These are both the same doll, with different hair on aha :)

I also made an Inuyasha doll for another friend, complete with the hair, ears, and full kimono (AND a clay sword. Her mom thought I bought it!)
Unfortunately, I made these before I had a camera, and have no pictures :(

I remember this taking me a few days...so I don't really know how long it would take a better sewer =/

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Mary Kate
Mary Kate · 34 projects
thanks so much! Happy
Michaeljackson6499 · 2 projects
so cute!!!!