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The title says it all :]
These are for my niece to wear in Disney World next week my mom has sewn a bunch of beautiful outfits for her to wear each day in each amusement park! They are AMAZING my mom is really talented. I made her these clips to match with each outfit. The lion one (is obviously for Animal Kingdom) is my favorite! I love it. Take a fairly long piece of ribbon glue it to an end of a basic silver hairclip wrap the ribbong tightly around it until you reach the other end of your hairclip (doesnt matter what end you begin on!) keep wrapping until the whole clip is covered and then glue it and cut off any extra ribbon. Glue on a already made bow and there you go cute little hairclips :] I highly suggest using hot glue!!!! It's better than tacky glue for this project.

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Goreific · Indianapolis, Indiana, US · 5 projects
I dont usually say this but OMG that lion one is absolutely amazing. Happy I love it. I myself like to make random new and old age hairclips and hats, The lion and the flower are very beautiful, awesome job!
Abbie S.
Abbie S. · 3 projects
Thanks! Sorry the picture is upside down! LOL I flipped it efore uploading it but oh well :]
Claire J
Claire J · Prestatyn, Wales, GB · 97 projects
these are so cute! Happy

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