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They won't die and stay green forever!
Hi there!

I hope you like this project and feel inspired to make your own never dying cacti and succulents.

As you can see, they are cacti and succulents. Believe me, they all really exist (except for the curly one: nr 3, I guess, I haven’t seen it anywhere, but it still is really cute).

I made them because I always forget to water the plants in my bedroom, we don’t have any water upstairs. I do like to have some green there, but I didn’t want to kill any real plants any more. Crochet stuff doesn’t die and I know how to crochet. So 1 + 1 = 2.. And I made myself 9 cacti :D

Be careful: you will get addicted to making these sweeties. Only one is my own imagination (didn’t turn out really as I hoped, but it still is green, so it got a place amongst the others.. Can you guess which one? You’ll see the answer below ;)) and all the others are from patterns from other websites. They are all free, btw.

Here they are (with the number of the cactus/succulent to start with)
1: This cactus was based on a pattern by the Danish Mig og Maya. You can translate the website on the right. She placed a total of 9 cacti there!
So go and see it here: http://migogmaya.blogspot.dk/2012/07/sma-hklede-kaktusser.html
I just made three amigurumi balls in three different sizes. If you don’t fill them, but flatten them, they will look like that.

2: This cactus is from a pattern made by Airali from Italia. There is an English pattern below the Italian one.
Website: http://besenseless.blogspot.com/2013/10/cactus-amigurumi-free-pattern.html

3: This Curly Cactus pattern is made by Magic Phylum.
You can find it on: http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/home-decor/curly-cactus-english/57612
She has more patterns for cacti, as you can see here:

4: This saguaro cactus came from La Casa De Crafts on:
I made the base a bit bigger and added two arms.

5: That’s my own created little succulent. It still looks like the one I used to own and that was my whole point.

6: This succulent is made from a simple heart pattern, like the ones here from on Owlishly Ravelry:
Don't fill the heart, but flatten it and it will look like a succulent.

7: This cactus is partially based on the cactus made by Tanya on Little Things blogged. I just made out of two amigurumi balls, on top of each other, and I crocheted it the normal way.

8: This cactus is based on the two cacti from Magic Phylum on Craftsy
(http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/home-decor/cactus-riccio-italiano/57614), combined with cactus #4 from Elf <3 Dwarf on http://elfluvsdwarf.blogspot.nl/2010/07/crochet-cactus-garden-free-pattern.html

9: This barrel cactus also came from La Casa De Crafts on:
You can adjust the size if you want.

Here other websites with free cacti patterns:
- 4 cacti From Elf <3 Dwarf, including how to make the flowers and how to crochet a cactus pot:
- 3 other cacti from Tanya on Little Things Blogged:
She was also Crafty Superstar #21 here on Cut out and Keep.
- A lot of cacti and other stuff from Magic Phylum on Craftsy (see cacti 3 and 8 for my versions):

Here is a picture for some inspiration made by Mirella Vitale, featured on Boys with Banjos:
http://boyswithbanjos.com/2012/07/crochet-cacti-and-succulents/ saguaro cactus

Now what?
When you have crocheted all the cacti you want, you can crochet them a pot, or just use small clay pots as I did.
I used some fabric I had laying around, cut out a circle, stuffed it and closed it up by sewing along the side and tightening it. Than you can sew your cacti on it.
To hide the fabric, I used small stones (mostly used in aquaria or for decoration).

I hope you like my cacti and are inspired to make your own! Leave me a message if you’ve done that. I’d love to see them!


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