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Cute Coin Purse

cat's head, stuffed with coins) • Posted by Ksew

According to Feng Shui red purse attracts money.

You will need

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Almost Nothing


3 h 00


Medium purse 1297704227 Medium inside 1297704259


According to Feng Shui red purse attracts money.


  1. Small 1 1297704308

    Trace the outer part to the wrong side of felt. Trace the face on it and marks. Cut neatly without seam allowances.

  2. Small 2 1297704354

    Embroider the face or make applique from scraps of felt or leather, according to the pattern.

  3. Small 3 1297704383

    Put this part to the other sheet of the same felt wrong side together.

  4. Small 4 1297704434

    Sew between marks 1-2 close to the edge.

  5. Small 5 1297704454

    Cut neatly the back part by shape of the front part.

  6. Small 6 1297704474

    Zipper is easier to sew by hand. But first to do this you need to make a seam on a sewing machine on open cuts.

  7. Small 7 1297704515

    What we get.

  8. Small 8 1297704555

    Sew the zipper (through those sewing machine stitches) to the one side of the purse.

  9. Small 9 1297704575

    And then to the other side of the purse. Cut the unnecessary end of the zipper.

  10. Small 10 1297704632

    Fold the lining fabric right sides together. Trace the pattern. Sew between marks 1-2. Cut close to the seam and to the open edge.

  11. Small 11 1297704662

    Put the lining into the purse (wrong sides together). Sew the open edges of the lining with the zipper from the inside of purse by hand.

  12. Small 12 1297704734

    Tada! Front side/back side/inside of the purse.