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Cute baby girl shoes tutorial
It is better to make cute baby girl shoes by yourself rather than shop around at random. If you are planning to give a gift to your lovely baby, let our tutorial on how to make infant shoes recommend you a piece of good advice.
Beautiful and comfortable fabric all depends on you for cute baby girls shoes. Here I select the plaid fabric and add cotton lining for the purpose of comfort. Lace is adorned to both the vamp and counter of shoes. Are you interested in making such kind of shoes? If so, keep your eyes on how to make infant babies below.

  • How to make a baby booties. Cute Baby Girl Shoes Tutorial - Step 1
    Step 1

    Make the sole
    1. Trace the sole template on a cardboard by measuring the size of your baby's feet; leave 1cm for seam allowance; cut out sole fabric, vamp fabric and counter fabric for four pieces each and two pieces for shoelace.
    2. Cut out four pieces of cotton lining for each part; ensure cotton lining for sole is thicker than others.
    3. Put two pieces of cotton lining between two pieces of sole fabric; cut out the sole along the template.
    4. Sew the sole go and forth in circles.

  • How to make a baby booties. Cute Baby Girl Shoes Tutorial - Step 2
    Step 2

    Make the shoelace, counter and vamp
    5. Bring two sides of shoelace fabric to the middle; fold it into four layers; fold one end of layers inward; sew along the edges.
    6. Interlay the counter with cotton fabric as the sole; fix the shoelace onto one side of counter by sewing; sew a button hole with elastic cord at the other side of counter.
    7. Fold two pieces of vamp fabric faced with right side; sew along the arc edges; insert the cotton lining inside and sew the whole vamp. You can also cut the arc side of counter to tooth shape or just running stitch along the edges.
    8. Sew lace around the arc sides of counter and vamp as it is shown below.

  • How to make a baby booties. Cute Baby Girl Shoes Tutorial - Step 3
    Step 3

    Finish making shoes
    9. Make the vamp flat by sewing a line at the front of vamp.
    10. Lay the counter onto the sole; sew along the edges.
    11. Do the same to sew the vamp onto sole.
    12. Sew a button at the end of the shoelace. Hem the edges of the sole to make it neater. Then cute baby shoes are finished.

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