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You can make one of these in ten minutes or less :)
I am telling you now, it takes up a lot of extra elastic then it looks like it should, so definitely get extra when you are cutting it off, or you will be sorely disappointed when it is short and tight. Just telling you now. But yeah, these ore really cute and simple to make. For a wrist my size (pretty tiny)I needed 12 light colored buttons, 12 dark colored buttons and then 24 for the other side. which where slightly smaller so you couldn't see them unless it was reversed. Oh and by the way, I am explaining with the colors I used, not what you have to use. I just didn't want you confuzzled.

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  • Step 1

    So, these are pretty easy to make, but kind of hard to explain. I had three colors, brown for one side (24 buttons) Then I had 12 buttons that where light blue and then 12 buttons that where dark blue. I recommend three colors for this.

  • Step 2

    So, take your elastic, I think I had like double my wrist size for the whole bracelet, and it is still tight, so probably double your amount of elastic also. Go about an inch and a half up from the bottom and tie a good knot.

  • Step 3

    OK, so take the fist button of your 2nd color for the second side and bump the elastic through both holes, so then if you don't pull it tight you have like a rainbow shaped curve bump. Still kind of hard to explain. But take that all the way to them bottom, as far as it will go.

  • Step 4

    OK so now take one of your blue colors. Put it on the same way you did with the brown button, and take that one down as far as it will go as well. If you are doing it right, the buttons should be layering all ready.

  • Step 5

    Now take another BROWN buttons (very important if you want the layers) and put it on. Still tight and the same way we have been putting them on before. Now take your second blue color (different from the first one) and put that on. Now Brown, then the first blue again. So it is making a pattern now. I could have just given you that pattern but that would have been confusing to me if I got it that way. So yeah, you should follow the pattern if you want it layered, and I have to use 48 buttons for my tiny wrists, so you will probably have to use more. Don't forget to leave room to tie it at the end too. But yeah, I hope you like it when it is finished, it is super easy and super fast :) Happy Button-ing :)

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Willemien W.
Willemien W. · Utrecht, Utrecht, NL
Great idea! Will definitely try this.

The instructions are a bit complicated but i totally got it once i looked at the picture really close and finally noticed the elastic.
aranumenwen · Aurora, Illinois, US · 117 projects
This is great, can't believe I never thought of this one. I do it with pop tabs all the time.

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