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Custom Girly Bikini

Bikini made of old one • Posted by Hana

That's the first one i've done. It took me like 3 days of working when I had time ;) Here comes a short tutorial on how I did it.

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That's the first one i've done. It took me like 3 days of working when I had time ;) Here comes a short tutorial on how I did it.


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    Things you'll need: 1. i have no idea how it's called, but you can see it in the photo. you shoul buy it in 3 shades of a color, i had 3 blue tones, but third one was all gone. buy 1 meter of the light one, 2 meters of middle tone and 1,5 meter of the darkest one. ok, let's just call it nice elastic band. (it MUST be elastic!) 2. scissors 3. some lace. in the picture it's not blue, because my blue is gone, but I think you should keep your swimsuit in one color, it's already detailed enough. 4.nice, shiny ribbon in matching shade 5. needle 6. threads matching to all of the colors used and an old bikini of course ;) push-up looks good on small breast like mine ;)

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    Bra: 1. Remove underwire (I don't like feeling it when having fun on the beach) 2. Cut off the strap from the back side (shown at the picture) to make bikini halter type

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    3. now sew tha lace on the whole cup. It should make ruffles so sew it just from the top and fold a little while sewing. start from the bottom. for cup size A-B 4 layers should be enough, for bigger sizes try 5 or 6

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    4. add a detail to the top of one strap ;) a nice bow made of ribbon. do it on safety-pin if you want to be able to put it in different places i like it when the ribbon is ended in V shape

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    Bottom: 1. sew nice elastic band in middle tone all the way on the side of bottom up to the main seam. you can cut it a little where it starts and ends to make it look natural ;)

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    just another photo showing how it looks ;)

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    2. now, in the middle of what you've just done, sew another elactic band in the darkest color. make it stick out more than the first one, we want layers here! you can see how it looks together on the photo above

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    3. now we are gonna make ruffles on the backside, this time not with lace, just nice elastic bands. make them go by grandients, from the darkest to the lightes one. first pin it with free needles to make sure it's straight. take some time to do this correctly.

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    4. we take lace again and sew it along the top of panties. fold from time to time.

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    5. detail it on both sides with a ribbon bow

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    ta-daaa! :D