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Christmas present for a dear friend. ^_^
This project took A LOT of time and patience. But I think it was worth it. =]
These cupcakes are pretty big, they're about 4" high and about 3" wide.

Okay, from the base, I used salt dough and molded them in a cupcake tin. Which made them really heavy, but they're really sturdy and won't topple over and break. I made an indent in the base, so that I could attach a small styrofoam ball, to make them less heavy and so that I didn't have to use more spackle.
Next the "icing" was piped on (MAKE SURE TO USE LIGHT WEIGHT SPACKLE for the icing!!!) and as it was drying I pressed in beads and little fimo decorations that I had made earlier. For the bigger decorations I put a little bit of glue on them before pressing them in, to make sure they wouldn't fall out.
Also while it was drying, I pushed in the hoop for hanging, it needs to be long enough to go (atleast) halfway through the styrofoam ball. I glued around the top of it too.
Then I painted the bases, and coated everything in ModPodge.
And lastly I added the ribbon for hanging. ^_^

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cute <3

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