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Adorable Crochetless Amigurumi :]
This is my 1st How-To! I hope you loveee it! I'd love to see any versions you guys create! My next is going to be a panda :]

Posted by Mandy from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States • Published See Mandy 's 23 projects »

  • Step 1

    Gather all of your supplies! I listed them all in my 'You Will Need' section :]

  • How to make a bear plushie. Cupcake Bear - Step 2
    Step 2

    Grab your plastic canvas ball and a cute color of yarn! You're going to weave the thread in and out [start at the bottom of each half and work your way to the top]. This step seems to take forever! Once you've finished both pieces snap them back together. Using your hot glue gun and the same color of yarn you used for your bear wrap a string around [2 times works best] to fill in the gap in the middle :]

  • How to make a bear plushie. Cupcake Bear - Step 3
    Step 3

    Now you're ready for the ears! Grab your sheet of plastic canvas and cut out some cute ears! Mine ended up measuring 7x7 squares with the corner squares cut out and I personally think they're way too square and too large :[ you may want to come up with your own plan, haha!

    Cut out 4 of the ears, make sure they're all the same size!

  • How to make a bear plushie. Cupcake Bear - Step 4
    Step 4

    Using the same method as you did for the bear head, weave your yarn in and out of each ear pieces avoiding the outer edges [you'll need these spaces to thread 2 pieces together].

    Make sure the messy ends with the yarn tales are facing inward and thread 2 ear pieces together going around and around the edges. Make sure to tie off really tightly so it looks neat :]

  • Step 5

    I didn't take a pic of this step since it's pretty simple. Cut out a circle of felt for the nose. Using thread, create your bear's mouth.

  • How to make a bear plushie. Cupcake Bear - Step 6
    Step 6

    FINALLY! Use your hot glue gun to put your cutie together! Don't forget 2 buttons for the eyes and any cute accessories! Also, it's a good idea to dab some glue in the bottom of your cupcake cup to keep your bear in place. THE END! Enjoy :]

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Cat Queen
Cat Queen · 5 projects
omigosh!!! THIS. IS. SO. CUTE!!!!! i love it!
Sarah · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 2 projects
Hey, wanna give credit next time? http://www.amigurumikingdom.com/
Tessel D.
Tessel D. · The Hague, South Holland, NL · 1 project
Nice! I was looking for the crochet version, because I don't have an idea where I can find those plastic canvas balls. Happy But maybe I'll try this anyway. Happy
jessicabear · 4 projects
this is the cutest thing everever! Happy
definately going to make it as soon as i get all the materials Happy
thankyouuu x
mew · Division No. 18, Unorganized, Saskatchewan, CA · 2 projects
ahaa, crochetless amigurumi.
I can't crochet at all
and I spent all christmas attempting to as well.
favs. Happy
StarlightRyouchi · Long Island, Maine, US
That's So Adorable! ^.^
Cat · Dover, Delaware, US · 20 projects
that's adorable! i'm going to have to find one of those plastic balls at the craft store =] that's a good x-mas gift idea. thanks for this tutorial =]
SuperCool and Really Trendy
SuperCool and Really Trendy · Bradford, England, GB · 60 projects
Hey! First time I have ever seen a plastic canvas ball! I am gonna be searchin some more!
jane marie
jane marie · 4 projects
so cute
Skylar · Tucson, Arizona, US · 4 projects
oh my god i never new how to chrochet, but now I don't have to!!! But where do they sell canvas balls? T^T <- Uppity
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