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Magic Is Real
I know, until I get a camera I will have to use these low quality webcam shots.

Use curvy, gnarly wood that is not too bendy. It has to be well seasoned and hardened. Willow is a standard, but I find it too flexible. Too affix the crystal to the wand you can use epoxy or tree sap if you want to go all natural. I often use copper tubes to create the handle. Copper is very conductive, and crystals are too. They are both good for channeling energy to send it out of the wand tip. If you want to get technical about channeling energy, you can use copper wire that is wrapped around the handle and twisted around the wand to the crystal for better conductivity. The wand can be embellished in any way you want. I prefer to cut a small indent in the wood and set a stone into the space. You can use sinew, leather or even bark strips from when you take it off the original stick to wrap joints and joins. On these two I used bark strips. I even affixed a crystal into the other end of the copper handle on one of them. Just keep the wand away from light sockets!

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Bonnie C.
Bonnie C. · Irondale, Alabama, US
Darn right it is! Cool wands!
SparrowFae · Carthage, Missouri, US · 41 projects
These are lovely.