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Crochet a daisy chain necklace.

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© 2023 Jan Ollis / Search Press · Reproduced with permission.
  • Step 1

    Single daisy
    With yellow crochet cotton, make a slip ring.
    Round 1: 1 ch, 8 sc (UK dc) into ring, pull end to close ring and remove hook.
    Re-insert hook from back of work into first sc (UK dc) loop with a ss.
    Round 2: change to white crochet cotton, *3 ch, ss into back of each of these 3 ch, ss into next base sc (UK dc)*, repeat from * to * 7 times, making 8 petals all together.
    ss to centre and tie off the ends.

  • Step 2

    Double daisy
    Follow the instructions for the single daisy up to the end of round 2.
    Round 3: work into base ss between petals 1 and 2 of round 2, *sc (UK dc), 3 ch, ss into back of each of 3 ch to base ch*, repeat from * to * 7 more times.
    sc (UK dc) to centre and tie off the ends.

  • How to knit or crochet a knit or crochet necklace. Crochet Daisy Chain - Step 3
    Step 3

    Make seven daisies (some single and some double). Thread the green ribbon through the looped silver necklace and tie it in a knot at ?the back. Stitch daisies on to the ribbon at regular intervals.

    Who could resist this pretty necklace made with hand-crocheted daisies? Alternatively, make them into a stunning hairband or bracelet.

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