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how to do it your self Water Bottle Holder Crochet Pattern

Posted by mcmanustrixie from Pullman, Michigan, United States • Published

You Will Need

6 Yarn ,j/10-6 Needle
yarn any color , j/10-6 crochet needle
  • Step 1

    Water Bottle Holder Crochet Pattern
    Worsted Weight Yarn – I used cotton, approx 2oz.
    Size H hook for a med-large bottle, Size G hook for small

  • Step 2

    Pattern Notes:
    Each CH2 at the beginning of round counts as DC. I realize most patterns use a CH3 for the DC, but I feel it leaves too large of a gap. Feel free to use CH3 throughout the pattern instead if you like.
    End of Each round is joined to top of CH2 with SL ST
    RND = Round
    CH = Chain
    SL ST = Slip Stitch
    ST = Stitch
    SC -= Single Crochet
    DC = Double Crochet
    BLO = Back Loop Only

  • Step 3

    RND 1: CH3. SL ST to first CH. CH2. 11 DC into ring. (12 DC)
    RND 2: CH2. DC into same ST as CH2. 2 DC into each ST around. (24DC)
    RND 3: CH2. 2DC into next ST. * 1 DC into next ST, 2 DC into next ST. * Repeat from * to * until end. (36 DC)
    RND 4: CH2 * DC into BLO of next ST * Repeat from * to * until end.
    RND 5: CH2. * DC into next ST. * Repeat from * to * until end.
    RND 6 – 14: CH4. Skip 1 ST and DC into the next. * CH1. Skip 1 ST and DC into the next. * Repeat from * to * until end / 1 DC ST left. CH1. SL ST into CH3 of CH4 from beginning of round.
    RND 15 & 16: CH1. (Place stitch marker if needed) SC into same ST as CH1. SC in each stitch around. SL ST into CH1 from beginning of round. Add more SC rows if desired.
    Strap: CH2. * DC into next 3 ST. CH2. Turn. * Repeat from * to * until desired strap length is reached. Flatten bottle holder with the strap in the middle. Fold strap over to find the ST you will be going in to on your “mirrored” side. SL ST strap to mirrored side. SL ST in each ST around (including through the other side of the strap) until you get back to the beginning SL ST. SL ST into next ST and fasten off.
    Weave in ends.

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