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50 mins

it came out so good i ate all before i could take a pic!
well, i was hungry. and had potatoes. and wanted crispy potato wedges, so it was kinda logical...
i like the way the potatoes taste and texture is when i don't peel them, so i didn't. i'll try and post pictures soon, but now i don't have one-the food just tasted and smelled to good to stall eating it and take a picture. sorry! better luck next time =P
i made this as a comfort food because its-5 degrees Celsius outside, and its snowing, and i hate winter. so i needed comforting, and found it in this food!
by the way, the timer says 50 minutes-most of it is cooking and baking time, so no worries. and this was free because i allready had everything in house^^

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  • Step 1

    so, you gather everything you need: 4 large potatoes(this makes a lot of food, which, if you ask me, is good), salt,pepper,thyme to your liking, an oven, water to boil the potatoes in, a pan to boil the potatoes in, a knife to cut the potatoes,and a baking thingie(that white thing on the picture) to bake the potatoes in.oh, and sunflower oil, too. the thyme should have been rosemary, but i didn't have any, and the sunflower oil was supposed to be olive oil but we only had sunflower and sesame oil. the food turned out to be good anyways^^

  • Step 2

    wash the potatoes so they are clean, without any earth and stuff on them. you can also peel them but its more work and i kinda like the way the peel gives extra taste and texture if you leave it on. in the meanwhile, heat op the water(not the water you washed the potatoes with!) in the cooking pan. also cut the potatoes in roughly the size you want the wedges' length to be. so cut them in pieces of like, 5 cm high or something if you want the length of the wedges to be 5 cm. i hope this is understandable=P

  • Step 3

    once the water is hot, put in the potato pieces. (there must be some water on top of the potatoes.) boil them like you always do. when they're done, pour off the water(carefully!) and put the potatoes on a cutting board. or on something else you can cut them on.

  • Step 4

    turn on the grill function of the oven. with me, that's 190 degrees Celsius(that's what it says on the oven).
    take the knife(preferably sharp) and cut the potatoes into wedges. this is done, if you don't know, by placing them with the flat side(where you cut them into pieces) downside on the cutting board and slicing the piece into six to eight pieces, from the top to the bottom. put the wedges in the baking pan.

  • Step 5

    now for spicing the wedges, put on as much salt, pepper, thyme and if you wish other things on the potatoes. also, pour oil over the wedges, but not to much or to little-with me it was something like 4-5 tablespoons of oil. shake the pan a little to mix up everything.

  • Step 6

    bake the potatoes in the oven(on grill function so they become nice and crispy) for something like 20 minutes i think, until you think they have a good enough crispy outside.

  • Step 7

    take a fork, and burn your mouth while eating it because its so good. try to remember to take a picture and post it as a version!
    have fun^^
    <3 suzi

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