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with goats milk
Minty Freshness

I used melt and pour bases

Posted by michelle G. from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada • Published See michelle G. 's 1253 projects »
  • How to make soap. Creme De Menthe Soap - Step 1
    Step 1

    first melt your soap base(goats milk) with mint extract and crushed mint leaves

    I use the microwave at hight for 1 min

    then I use a wooden spoon to stir

    in some containers

    I poured the mix into the cups

    to the halfway point

    then I let it set for about 10 mins

  • How to make soap. Creme De Menthe Soap - Step 4
    Step 2

    while the 1st layer is setting

    melt another block of goats milk soap base(high-1min)
    then stir

    when the 1st layer is set, pour the milk layer on top
    then place into fridge for about 2-3 hours

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Apres S.
Apres S.
How much was this project? What kind of substitutes can I use if I cannot get the ingredients?
Apres S.
Apres S.
How do you create the base? Where do you get goat's milk soap base? At a health food store? Where do you buy the base? Can you create the base yourself?

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