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Crafterella Apron

February's outfit for Project Paperdoll with Fabric On Demand • Posted by Cat Morley

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The second outfit I made for Project Paperdoll is a three-for-one special and is inspired by Cut Out + Keep's crafty superhero, Crafterella with a comic strip skirt, fan girl top and costume style kitchen apron!

The final pattern is for a kitchen apron designed in the style of Crafterella's costume with a bodice style top and tool belt bottom, measuring tape neck strap and pockets full of kitchen utensils. The design is printed on sturdy cotton duck fabric and includes all the cutting and folding lines needed to make the apron, so it's a breeze to construct. It's available to buy now from from Fabric On Demand.


  1. Small 2014 03 09 232549 apron1

    Luckily you don't need a pattern for this project as the cutting lines are included with the print. Start by cutting out the apron along the outside dashed line and the straps along the outside coloured edge.

  2. Small 2014 03 10 212958 straps

    Flip the straps over so that the wrong side is facing up and fold all the edges in along the marked line. Press in place.

  3. Small 2014 03 09 232557 apron3

    Fold the straps in half and sew around the outside edges.

  4. Small 2014 03 09 232602 apron4

    Flip the apron over so that the wrong side is facing up and then fold the outside edges in to the second dashed line and press in place.

  5. Small 2014 03 09 232924 apron5

    Fold the outside edges in again to so that the straight line, press and sew around the outside edges.

  6. Small 2014 03 10 212508 apron6

    Sew the two straps in place at either side of the apron so they match the waistband.

  7. Small 2014 03 10 212500 apron7

    Flip the apron over so that the right side is facing up. Stitch either side of the tape measure strap to either side of the top of the apron.