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Crab & Avocado Gunkan

Extract from 500 Sushi Dishes • By Caroline Bennett • Published by Apple Press


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40 mins

500 Sushi Dishes
I have seen Japanese and French friends sit for hours over a plate of freshly boiled crabs, picking happily away at the flesh – slow food to be lingered over and appreciated. If you're not happy with waiting, it is easy to buy processed crabmeat, and this is fine to use in gunkan.

Posted by Apple Press Published See Apple Press's 26 projects » © 2020 Caroline Bennett / Apple Press · Reproduced with permission. · 500 Sushi Dishes by Caroline Bennet, published by Apple Press, £9.99 paperback. All material © Quintet Publishing Ltd.
  • Step 1

    Any edible crab can be used in gunkan, though many tend to use spider crab for its sweeter flesh (there are a number of varieties of spider crab around the world, so ask your fishmonger for one with the sweetest flesh). Steam the crabs whole over a high heat for about 20 minutes (less for smaller crabs). Separate the crab body from the shell and remove the meat. Mix the brown and white crabmeat together, adjusting the ratio according to your preference.

  • Step 2

    Make the gunkan shape as described on page 93. Chop the peeled avocado into small pieces. Gently combine the chopped avocado with the crabmeat, or use decoratively fanned slices of avocado, and spoon the crabmeat onto the gunkan.

  • Step 3

    Pour the soy sauce on top of the crab directly from a dispenser rather than dipping the gunkan in a bowl of soy sauce.

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