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Or- Belgian wheat beer inspired shortbread?
So this gardening thing, it's an ongoing experiment. My little herb garden I planted is thriving, the Cilantro being the first to take off. I had a pretty green fountain of Coriander leaves and then one day it had suddenly bolted (flowering and gone to seed) and all the leaves were gone. At first I was disappointed I didn't harvest more not realizing it did this so quickly but then realized I now had my own coriander seeds!

I harvested the seeds and thought about what I could make with them. We use the seeds and ground coriander frequently in Indian cooking but I really wanted something simple that would let my little trove of spice shine. And I wanted it to be a baked good, because I have a compulsion.

Shortbread immediately came to mind, and I've often seen it made with different herb/spice variations. Coriander seeds have a nutty aroma with citrus notes of the lemony/orange persuasion. It is often used in Belgian wheat beer along with orange (Blue Moon being a recent favorite lent additional inspiration). I dry roasted the seeds to bring out their flavor further and ground them in my mortar and pestle - woh do they pack a much more concentrated aroma punch than store bought!

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  • How to bake shortbread. Coriander Shortbread - Step 1
    Step 1

    Preheat oven to 275°F.

    This can be made using a food processor or mixer.

    For the food processor:
    Process the sugars for a minute until sugars are very fine.
    Add the butter, cut into 1 inch cubes and pulse until all sugar is combined. Add extract/zest if using.
    In a separate bowl combine flour, coriander and salt.
    Add flour mixture to butter mixture and pulse until crumbly and combined
    Turn out dough and knead slightly to bring mixture together.

  • Step 2

    For an electric mixer or by hand:

    Using softened butter, beat until smooth. Add sugars and beat until creamed together and light and fluffy.
    Add flour in two parts mixing until holds together.

  • Step 3

    For both methods:

    Divide the dough into 2 equal parts. Press each half into an ungreased 8-inch round cake or tart pan.
    Use the tines of a fork to press 3/4-inch lines radiating like rays of sun all around the perimeter of the dough. Prick the rest of the dough all over with the tines of the fork.

  • Step 4

    Bake for 60-70 minutes or until pale golden (do not brown). For even baking, rotate the pans from top to bottom and front to back halfway through the baking period.
    Cool in the pans, on a wire rack, for 10 minutes.

    Invert the shortbread onto flat cookie sheet and slide it onto a cutting board. While still warm, use a long sharp knife to cut each 8-inch round of shortbread into 8 pie-shaped wedges.

    Transfer the wedges to wire racks to cool completely.

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Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
That is an absolutely awesome idea. I love beer and wheat beers are among my favorites. I'm usually good with pairing beer and food, I've brewed my own, I've cooked with it and have tried easily over 200 kinds but I've never thought of shaping another seemingly unrelated food with the flavors of beer spices. Very good idea I am inspired. Happy
Rotem · Israel, IL · 2 projects
looks very good!

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