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Chunky collar - really pops against neutrals
These coral beads had been sitting in my apartment taunting me since March. Dad had gotten 4-5 different styles of beads at a local gem show, all in the same rich dark red.

I thought the chunky, “branch” pieces lent themselves well to a collar-style statement necklace, so I spaced them with large round beads, and used the smaller chips and beads to finish up around the neck (with a few of the large round chunky beads to add some interest). The trickiest part (besides not dropping it and breaking it) was stringing the branch pieces so that they would lay flat against the skin when worn.

It’s quite heavy, and the long pieces are very fragile, so I used a heavy-duty hook-and-eye to finish it up. When worn, it sits just around the collar bone and the long pieces spread out to create a collar-like effect.

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